Saturday, October 30, 2010

wish list for November

yeah.. i know...
it is too early to make wish list for November..
even now.. we're not in November yet!!..
but... my heart and my soul encourage me...
to do it.. why not...
i guess this is a good time to list my wish..
and.. who knows!!...
maybe this time.. my wish will be come true!!

actually... after had some conversation with
Mr. Yo  and Mr.Zul last night..
yeah!!... good and excellent conversation..
thanks guys!!.. because both of you..
now!! i can do the econometriX past year by myself!!..
tinnnnggg!!! (zayani's style.. japanese assignment!!)
heh!!.. agak sempat nganjing Zai di situ..

ok!!.. be serious!!
after the conversation...
there's so many ideas floating in my brain...
and i'm not really sure which idea should i pick!!...
then.. after thinking over thinking..
pooff!!..ok!! done...
my wish list are already complete..
not too much!!
but... i think its enough for me~~

hehehhee... quite interesting kan my wish =)
theres only 3 wishes..
but i think.. the third one is already be "dream come true"
haha.. I'd already download that MV..
so.. can watch it over and over again!!!..

p/s: MV stand for Music Video!!.. pelik kan.. ade jugak orang tak tahu ape tu MV..

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