Saturday, October 30, 2010

wish list for November

yeah.. i know...
it is too early to make wish list for November..
even now.. we're not in November yet!!..
but... my heart and my soul encourage me...
to do it.. why not...
i guess this is a good time to list my wish..
and.. who knows!!...
maybe this time.. my wish will be come true!!

actually... after had some conversation with
Mr. Yo  and Mr.Zul last night..
yeah!!... good and excellent conversation..
thanks guys!!.. because both of you..
now!! i can do the econometriX past year by myself!!..
tinnnnggg!!! (zayani's style.. japanese assignment!!)
heh!!.. agak sempat nganjing Zai di situ..

ok!!.. be serious!!
after the conversation...
there's so many ideas floating in my brain...
and i'm not really sure which idea should i pick!!...
then.. after thinking over thinking..
pooff!!..ok!! done...
my wish list are already complete..
not too much!!
but... i think its enough for me~~

hehehhee... quite interesting kan my wish =)
theres only 3 wishes..
but i think.. the third one is already be "dream come true"
haha.. I'd already download that MV..
so.. can watch it over and over again!!!..

p/s: MV stand for Music Video!!.. pelik kan.. ade jugak orang tak tahu ape tu MV..

Thursday, October 28, 2010

westlife forever~~

wahh!!! westlife...
who can live without westlife??!!
Westlife has been my favourite band for 10 years..
i'm 21 now..
love their music...
so smooth but energetic..
haha.. ok2.. actually...
i wanna share westlife brand new single...
huhu... cant wait to watch their MV...

thumbs up for them...

plus... i found this MV.. covers.. "what about now"-by daughtry..
not bad!!... and nice MV.. full of aurora!!..

p/s: no lyrics.. cant find it.. =)

miss HERs

3.45 AM
why HERs??
ya lorr..
i miss her and her..
but... who's HERs..
hehehe... my sisters laa..
suddenly.. miss them so much...
i dont know why...
but yeah!!.. i really miss them..
*emotional turmoil*
examination week~~ eff!!
i really hate this week..
hell and totally eff-ing sh*t..

ok2... enough with eff and S word!!
sangat tak sopan oke!!
haha... mengucap panjang if my parents read this entry..

ok2.. cont. on my "root" intention..about my sisters..
i wonder... what are they doin' rite now..
when i said now.. its mean now now..
haha..hurmm.. maybe the little one da lena tido..
same as the middle one..
maybe laa..
haha..its kind a weird if my "middle" sis sleep early...
sebab dia ni "night person".. haha.. just like her big brother..
Me!!!. haha... "insomniac siblings" yeah!! i guess..
sometimes... she'll accompany me while me surfing
the internet in a middle of the nite...
haha... ade "big brother" pun xguna..penakut...
so.. terpakse la die teman abang die...
hik2.. "sayang abang kan~~.. nanti.. kite melantak kat kedai En McD ye~~"
heh!! *rasuah* sikit..

but its a bit diff. if i compared the second/middle one with the little one..
nak tau kenapa??
sebab yang budak kecik ni...
suka tido awal...
she said "need to sleep early la abang!!"
and i asked why??
"easy to wake up early.. plus.. can perform subuh's prayer~~"
haaaa... amek ko sebijik!!..
kantoi!!.. yg si abang ni liat bangun Subuh!!...(haha.. i admit that!!)
haha.. a bit "pedas" di situ..
she’s such a bluntness and it complements her razor-sharp tongue.
haa.. its ok... no matter what..
i still love u..
both of u!!..

ouh2!!.. lupe la..
wanna introduce my sisters..
my middle sis name's is AMIRAH FATEHAH BT MOHD TAUFIK..
hehe.. too many "H" in FATEHAH~~(*My dad fault..)
it should be FATEHA instead of FATEHAH <-- my mom told me..

what ever laa~~
and the youngest one name's is AINI SYUHADA BT MOHD TAUFIK..
btw.. we called her "anak keling".. dont know why..but yeah!!..
her skin a bit darker then us.. ahaha... no offense is fact!!..
haha.. as usual.. i'm a big bully.. eh!! yeke??
saya sangat sayang adek2 saya..
giler punye sayang!!! =)

from left : Aini Syuhada and Amirah Fatehah~~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

exam week~~

exam week!!..
i'm in a middle of stress situation
rite now!!
too many chaps and tops to cover..
serve u rite!!..
padan muka.. sapa suruh study last minit..
haha... xpe2..
i'll try my best!!..
no matter what happen...
i need to go through this "war" by my self...
try harder!!... you can do it!!..

hehehe... motivate diri sendiri!!..
its ok... 

huuuuuuu~~~~... nak nanges... =)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update my blog while on the bus.

Me update my blog while on my way to my hometown..
Location now...
Baru je melepasi astana moda yg kt melaka tu..
Destinasi my hometown... Muar!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


pernah tak..
time korang tengah makan kat kedai..
then ade orang datang minta sedekah??!!
what do you feel at that time..
or angry??!!

huh!!!... same situation just happened to me
during lunch time at Section 2 Shah Alam...
2 "tiny cutie little" beggars came to me..
they came in partner...

"Pak Cik... mintak seringgit"

hoi... you called me pakcik.. 
Damn!! hahaha..
what ever... i dont care bout that..
the main problem here was..
they came to me one by one...

first..the elder one...
a girl..
then i said NO!!!..
hehe... a bit strict ya En Fikri!!??
yeah!!!.. need to be strict..
I'd learned from my past..
"tak nak pisang berbuah 2 kali"
after that.. she went away...

5 minutes later...
the second one came to me...a boy..

"Abang mau seringgit.. mau makan.."

at that time i felt so pity to him..yelah..
sian.. tak makan lagi...
but then... my pity feeling changed..
Oh.. NO and NO !!!...
i never give u my money...
u know why i changed my mind..
while he asked some money from me...
his another hand was texting with somebody..
what the hell!!??..
i don't know beggars nowadays has handphone!!!..
handphone oke!!...
i think his phone more up-to-date compared as mine...
ahh!!! sudah2... "go away"
i said..
hehe a bit kejam kan..
nak buat camner...
saya tak mau kene tipu macam dulu..
then.. both of them went away and "singgah" to another table..
ah!!! lantak pi la korang...

Good luck FikriTaufik

i've a test tomorrow morning..
probability n statistic test...
the problem is...
i didnt understand the whole chapters in this subject..
my oh my~~
what should i do rite know...
should i bring a "little chipmunk" tomorrow morning???
or just be honest to myself..
Ya ALLAH.. please give me a sign...
and btw.. good luck FikriTaufik for your test tomorrow..

p/s: i think i should bring "little chipmunk" for tomorrow.. hahahah... =)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

sticky black fluid ='(

something weird happen to me..
it was happened this morning..
woke up from my sleep..
and suddenly my nose felt very pain..

left my bed rushingly..
straight to the mirror..
then.. i saw.. 
sticky black fluid..
came out from my nostril..
unstoppable oke!!!..

panic at that time...
and i kept washing my nose repeatedly..
sangat takut tau!!!..
after that.. i plugged in a bit tissue paper
into my nose "hole"..
then sambung tido..

bila sedar je..
went in front of the mirror once again..
and check out my nostril..
rupa-rupanya the sticky black fluid tu adalah blood..

pheww!!!.. naseb baek darah...

tak risau sangat...
sebab hidung aku selalu berdarah...
cuma yang peliknye...
why??.. the blood that came out from my nose tu pekat..
sangat pekat...dan warnanye macam kehitam-hitaman..
alamak~~~~ takut la plakkk....


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Selamat Hari Lahir

Di kesempatan ini..
saya.. Amirul Fikri..
anakanda kepada Pn. Mon Bt Maarof..
ingin mengucapkan selamat hari lahir yang ke-46 kepada beliau..
thanks sebab menjaga segala keperluan dan makan minumku
selama aku hidup di atas dunia ini..

once again.. Happy Birthday Mrs.Mon Maarof..


why bunga??

i had a *flowerish* feeling tonite.. 
sebab baru je lepas dengar lagu

"..Kalau cinta jangan kacau..
kalau sayang tak perlu marah..
kalau ikhlas tak minta berbalas..
serahkan cintamu pada yang punya cinta.."

sungguh mendalam maksudnye kan...
plus this song kinda comel2 gitu..
lagu ni didendangkan oleh Joanna ft Aliff Aziz~~
so sweet~~

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


entry's title SHORT..

so..try to type as simple as i can...
i felt very sad today...
very very sad...
why i have to face this moment..

THEY and ME make my mood swinging again..
plus pre-test and test tomorrow.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


My oh my...
such an exhausted day!!
mane taknye...
da lame tak cycling!!..
di ulangi...

but this is not the story that i wanna share
with my lovely blog..
it is another story..
it is about ME and THEY...

u know what..
i just felt...
i don't know why...
maybe it is wrong...
but... i just felt it!!!
THEY try to push ME away...
so sorry if my expectation is wrong..
the feeling that i felt rite know
really mean it!!..

tak baek buruk sangka...
but... Ya ALLAH...
i hope the feeling that I had tonite
was totally wrong!!
and wrong!!!..
i really love THEY...
please do not push ME away...
I have anybody no more...

i just have THEY.... if THEY push ME away...
to whom ME must go..
=( =(

Friday, October 8, 2010

I hate u no more..

its been so long.
tak update this blog kan??
fill this blog with my brand new entry..

as usual... my blog ni da jadi my diary..
so... why not i start my new post with this ayat...
"dear Blog... today... i felt like..."
macam a bit skema kan..
haha.. this is blog.. so...
i prefer to post something lite 
and easy to read..
xmo yang "heavy writting"..
hehehe... dah2... melalut daa ni...

oke... previously...
it is from my past actually...
ade la someone ni..
yang i really2 hate so much!!
tapi skang...

da tak hate die lagi da...
i hate u no more..
nak tau knp i tak benci u lagi..
sebab u telah menyebabkan
i tukar my perspektif terhadap beberapa perkara
yang sebelum ni i nampak macam sangat 
tak berkenan dihati...
"ayat ape la aku taip ni???!!!""
berterabur grammar...
huh!!. paham tak??

you broke my heart once..
but its ok...

eh!!.. ape ni...
ngarut pe la aku ni????

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Ada la few person yang tanya..
kenapa..kawan2 aku banyak jenis..
ade yang
kaki botol
wakil rakyat
ahli parlimen
ICE addictor
mat scoot
socialize peeps
tweeps..(geng dalam twitter)
kaki gelak
kaki bahan
kaki tido
kaki gebang..
DAN.. Lantas ku menjawab
"Kita kan 1 Malaysia"
kita xda hak nak mendiskriminasi mereka..
mereka pon manusia juga..
banyak kann???
no matter what happen..
they all are my frens...
aku susah they all tolong..
dorang susah aku cuba bantu...

tapi dalam banyak2 ni...
i really2 hate "kaki gebang"
huh!!... susah nak suitable kan diri ngan 
mereka yang kaki gebang ni..

"berkawan biar beribu.. ber-loving2.. biar satu"
"tabiat yang baik dijadikan tauladan.. yang buruk jangan ikut langsung"...
PEACE no WAR!!..

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hoi!! stop staring at me laa..

yo!! peeps...
stop staring at me!!!
its kinda uncomfortable..
never saw people ate burger..
layer by layer!!
I tried to full my stomach..
hahaha~~ =)

and one more thing!!..
MYOB peeps!!..
its the way i ate that burger..
its the way i felt the juiciness of that burger...
it is my way!!..
is it weird or something?????!!!!
i don't think so!!!..
so!! once again

p/s: sorry for being a bit emotional in this entry... --_--''!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Urrggh!!!.. i really need........

at this moment..
I'm stuck in a middle of
"seriously damage 
boredom" situation...
and you know what!!??
i think...
i really-really need...
something that can turn
my mood ON!!..

gosh!!.. need those things!!.. 

even though I know...
this kind of things can thicken
my "fat" layer under my skin..
especially milky bar!!!.
in fact.. yeah!!.. it is high in calories..
but... aahhh!!! pedulik ape..
sangat bosan.. and need something
to cheer me up!!..
so i think... makan is the best way
to "erase" bored feeling!!..
so!!.. food!!! come to papa..
hahahaha... =))

gosh!!.. this is out of my mind!!

oh no!!!... exam just around the corner...I just checked the time table..
and I'm a bit shock...
you know why!!??...
MGT subject ...
is the first paper...
Hoi!!.. takut nyer..
I"m not ready yet to face this situation...
plus... a lot of things yang nak kene cover...
my oh my...
this is a bad..bad.. moment that i should face in...
difficulties for being a student...
nak buek camno..
just accept it..

ok2.. as all of you can see.. this is my time table..
hopefully this is the fix one..
and no more changes..
sebab every semester..
mesti ade subject yang akan bertukar hari..

This is for the first week...

then.. this is for the second week and so on...

huh!!!.. sangat2 cuak..
sebab there's so many topics and chapters
that I haven't cover yet..