Sunday, October 17, 2010


pernah tak..
time korang tengah makan kat kedai..
then ade orang datang minta sedekah??!!
what do you feel at that time..
or angry??!!

huh!!!... same situation just happened to me
during lunch time at Section 2 Shah Alam...
2 "tiny cutie little" beggars came to me..
they came in partner...

"Pak Cik... mintak seringgit"

hoi... you called me pakcik.. 
Damn!! hahaha..
what ever... i dont care bout that..
the main problem here was..
they came to me one by one...

first..the elder one...
a girl..
then i said NO!!!..
hehe... a bit strict ya En Fikri!!??
yeah!!!.. need to be strict..
I'd learned from my past..
"tak nak pisang berbuah 2 kali"
after that.. she went away...

5 minutes later...
the second one came to me...a boy..

"Abang mau seringgit.. mau makan.."

at that time i felt so pity to him..yelah..
sian.. tak makan lagi...
but then... my pity feeling changed..
Oh.. NO and NO !!!...
i never give u my money...
u know why i changed my mind..
while he asked some money from me...
his another hand was texting with somebody..
what the hell!!??..
i don't know beggars nowadays has handphone!!!..
handphone oke!!...
i think his phone more up-to-date compared as mine...
ahh!!! sudah2... "go away"
i said..
hehe a bit kejam kan..
nak buat camner...
saya tak mau kene tipu macam dulu..
then.. both of them went away and "singgah" to another table..
ah!!! lantak pi la korang...


  1. hebatt, pengemis zaman sekarang. haha, pakai hp. roger membe, dah collect brape ringgit. haha

  2. fuyyoohh..ko kena tipu apa dulu fikri oi???

  3. aja.. haha... memang mantap ar... maju pengemis zaman skarang ni...

    kiah... penah dulu kne tipu.. aku bagi derma kat orang yg tak sepatutnya layak dapat duit aku.. hahah...

  4. walau dia nak tipu pun, jgn berkasar weh.the best thing to do is kalau diorg kata nak duit nak makan, kau bg dia makanan, jgn bg duit. that way duit kau tak kena tipu and kau pun dapat pahala kalau iklas, kan