Friday, October 1, 2010

Urrggh!!!.. i really need........

at this moment..
I'm stuck in a middle of
"seriously damage 
boredom" situation...
and you know what!!??
i think...
i really-really need...
something that can turn
my mood ON!!..

gosh!!.. need those things!!.. 

even though I know...
this kind of things can thicken
my "fat" layer under my skin..
especially milky bar!!!.
in fact.. yeah!!.. it is high in calories..
but... aahhh!!! pedulik ape..
sangat bosan.. and need something
to cheer me up!!..
so i think... makan is the best way
to "erase" bored feeling!!..
so!!.. food!!! come to papa..
hahahaha... =))

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