Saturday, October 16, 2010

sticky black fluid ='(

something weird happen to me..
it was happened this morning..
woke up from my sleep..
and suddenly my nose felt very pain..

left my bed rushingly..
straight to the mirror..
then.. i saw.. 
sticky black fluid..
came out from my nostril..
unstoppable oke!!!..

panic at that time...
and i kept washing my nose repeatedly..
sangat takut tau!!!..
after that.. i plugged in a bit tissue paper
into my nose "hole"..
then sambung tido..

bila sedar je..
went in front of the mirror once again..
and check out my nostril..
rupa-rupanya the sticky black fluid tu adalah blood..

pheww!!!.. naseb baek darah...

tak risau sangat...
sebab hidung aku selalu berdarah...
cuma yang peliknye...
why??.. the blood that came out from my nose tu pekat..
sangat pekat...dan warnanye macam kehitam-hitaman..
alamak~~~~ takut la plakkk....


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