Thursday, October 28, 2010

miss HERs

3.45 AM
why HERs??
ya lorr..
i miss her and her..
but... who's HERs..
hehehe... my sisters laa..
suddenly.. miss them so much...
i dont know why...
but yeah!!.. i really miss them..
*emotional turmoil*
examination week~~ eff!!
i really hate this week..
hell and totally eff-ing sh*t..

ok2... enough with eff and S word!!
sangat tak sopan oke!!
haha... mengucap panjang if my parents read this entry..

ok2.. cont. on my "root" intention..about my sisters..
i wonder... what are they doin' rite now..
when i said now.. its mean now now..
haha..hurmm.. maybe the little one da lena tido..
same as the middle one..
maybe laa..
haha..its kind a weird if my "middle" sis sleep early...
sebab dia ni "night person".. haha.. just like her big brother..
Me!!!. haha... "insomniac siblings" yeah!! i guess..
sometimes... she'll accompany me while me surfing
the internet in a middle of the nite...
haha... ade "big brother" pun xguna..penakut...
so.. terpakse la die teman abang die...
hik2.. "sayang abang kan~~.. nanti.. kite melantak kat kedai En McD ye~~"
heh!! *rasuah* sikit..

but its a bit diff. if i compared the second/middle one with the little one..
nak tau kenapa??
sebab yang budak kecik ni...
suka tido awal...
she said "need to sleep early la abang!!"
and i asked why??
"easy to wake up early.. plus.. can perform subuh's prayer~~"
haaaa... amek ko sebijik!!..
kantoi!!.. yg si abang ni liat bangun Subuh!!...(haha.. i admit that!!)
haha.. a bit "pedas" di situ..
she’s such a bluntness and it complements her razor-sharp tongue.
haa.. its ok... no matter what..
i still love u..
both of u!!..

ouh2!!.. lupe la..
wanna introduce my sisters..
my middle sis name's is AMIRAH FATEHAH BT MOHD TAUFIK..
hehe.. too many "H" in FATEHAH~~(*My dad fault..)
it should be FATEHA instead of FATEHAH <-- my mom told me..

what ever laa~~
and the youngest one name's is AINI SYUHADA BT MOHD TAUFIK..
btw.. we called her "anak keling".. dont know why..but yeah!!..
her skin a bit darker then us.. ahaha... no offense is fact!!..
haha.. as usual.. i'm a big bully.. eh!! yeke??
saya sangat sayang adek2 saya..
giler punye sayang!!! =)

from left : Aini Syuhada and Amirah Fatehah~~

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