Monday, November 29, 2010

happy besdae to Me~~ and happy anniversary~~

happy birthday to me...
happy birthday to me...
happy birthday..
happy birthday...
happy birthday to me...

hehehe... walaupun da lewat sehari
untuk ku meng"wish" diri sendiri...
tapi tak pe..
haha.. btw.. once again..
happy birthday Fikri!!..
so.. i'm "completely" 21-yo...
da bole register for SPR..haha...
wait!!... today!!..
special day for my parents..
En.Taufik and Pn.Mon...
happy 23rd anniversary..
ni kalau buat special event best ni...

happy Birthday to me!!.. yeah!!
 Mom and Dad~~ happy anniversary..

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

rest for along time

its been a long time kan tak update this blog...
hehe... busy..
actually.. internet line at my place kind a slow...
slower than a snail...
tu yang fed-up tu nak on9...
so... i think.. maybe..
i should rest for a while..
try to figure out something awesome
that i should do during this holiday!!..
find a job maybe??
neah!!.. no!!.. malas.. hahaha..

ok2... on 28/11.. this sunday...
important date.. nak hantar my sis pegi JB..
daftar Politech..huhu..
so.. get ready yo sis.. rasekan!!
first time get into "long distance situation" with family!!
pandai-pandai la yek~~

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm Home!!

seriously!!! i'm home!!
no more exam...
no more assignment
no more lecture for this moment
no more and noooo moreeee!!
but.. for those who hasn't finish 
their exam yet.. dont be jealous ok!!
hehe.... especially Yo, Jah, Zatie and Zakiah...
hehehe... Calculus paper is today rite??
so guys!!.... do your best... 
calculus!! it is "easy"..

"simple as A-B-C" hahaha...

as for me!!.. just relax, sit back and enjoy my holidays!!..
outline some activities that i should do during this hols
such as go to the Pipit store!! like pika did!!..
sangat comel design yang dorang create.. 
oouuh2!!!! one more thing!!!...
this is really2!! important!! damn-serious-important!!..
watch HP.. Harry Potter and The Deathly hallow..

eff-ing awesome... i cant wait!! desperate!!
I'm the "kipas-susah-mati" of Harry Potter...
sanggup beratur panjang just for one book!!!.

p/s: thanks J.K.Rowling!! =P

Friday, November 12, 2010


Yeah!!! exam is over!!!..
i know its kind a late to shout it out loud..
but.. haahaha.. EXAM DAH HABIS!!!...
still at Shah Alam..
and i really can't wait...
sebab besok nak balik rumah...
huhu... miss my sisters..
and yeah!!.. my parents too..
ouh2!!.. and a lil'bit review 'bout MAT570's paper..
fed-up!!.. tension!!.. soklan macam haram.. macam si*l..
hehe... oke2.. no matter what happen...
exam da habis!!...

P/s: Zatie's extension plug is missing.. sorry~~my bad~~ 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

MAT522 and MAT570

all my wishes for this month 
has been fulfilled..
hehe... cam tak caye je..
ok2... now..
i need to focus on MAT522 and MAT570's paper..
owh!! MAT522 stand for ODE(Ordinary differential Equation)
and MAT570 stand for Mathematical Economy..

seriously!!! need to focus more! on this 2 subjects..
urggghh!! a bit tension rite now...
hectic week...
chaos in my mind..
performance of my brain slower than snails..
plus.. tiny gap between this 2 papers..
my oh my~~ insufficient time!!
**sigh..  =__=!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

2 are done!!.. one to go..

halu haluu...
remember my previous post?
alaa.. yg pasal wish tu..
haa... do you still remember about  this??
haa.. ingat tak??

ok2!!... FYI..
my 2 wishes has been fulfilled...
so... tinggal 1 je lagi..
and btw... i have "econometrics paper" tomorrow..
and i hope... i can answer the paper peacefully..
hehe.. (was jotted in my wish list too..) 
my wishes will be come true..

  1. Buy burger at "Abang Sec.8's stall"..
  2. answer econometrics paper peacefully
  3. watch "Hoot" MV. over and over again
p/s: thanks Mr.Yo..=) and also thanks to Mr.Zul... to CS2283A.. gud luck 4 tomorrow..