Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm Home!!

seriously!!! i'm home!!
no more exam...
no more assignment
no more lecture for this moment
no more and noooo moreeee!!
but.. for those who hasn't finish 
their exam yet.. dont be jealous ok!!
hehe.... especially Yo, Jah, Zatie and Zakiah...
hehehe... Calculus paper is today rite??
so guys!!.... do your best... 
calculus!! it is "easy"..

"simple as A-B-C" hahaha...

as for me!!.. just relax, sit back and enjoy my holidays!!..
outline some activities that i should do during this hols
such as go to the Pipit store!! like pika did!!..
sangat comel design yang dorang create.. 
oouuh2!!!! one more thing!!!...
this is really2!! important!! damn-serious-important!!..
watch HP.. Harry Potter and The Deathly hallow..

eff-ing awesome... i cant wait!! desperate!!
I'm the "kipas-susah-mati" of Harry Potter...
sanggup beratur panjang just for one book!!!.

p/s: thanks J.K.Rowling!! =P

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