Monday, November 1, 2010

2 are done!!.. one to go..

halu haluu...
remember my previous post?
alaa.. yg pasal wish tu..
haa... do you still remember about  this??
haa.. ingat tak??

ok2!!... FYI..
my 2 wishes has been fulfilled...
so... tinggal 1 je lagi..
and btw... i have "econometrics paper" tomorrow..
and i hope... i can answer the paper peacefully..
hehe.. (was jotted in my wish list too..) 
my wishes will be come true..

  1. Buy burger at "Abang Sec.8's stall"..
  2. answer econometrics paper peacefully
  3. watch "Hoot" MV. over and over again
p/s: thanks Mr.Yo..=) and also thanks to Mr.Zul... to CS2283A.. gud luck 4 tomorrow..

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