Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alice di Taman ragu-ragu


Tripping out
Spinning around
I'm underground, I fell down
I fell down

I'm freaking out
So where am I now?
Upside down
And I can't stop it now
It can't stop me now

I, I'll get by
I, I'll survive
When the world's crashing down
When I fall and hit the ground
I will turn myself and run
Don't you try to stop it?
I, I won't cry

I found myself in Wonderland
Get back on my feet again
Is this real?
Is this pretended?
I'll take a stand until the end

I'll get by
I'll survive
When the world's crashing down
When I'm falling hit the ground
I'll just turn myself around
Don't you try to stop me
I'll won't cry

Hi guys!!!... I think you all semua must litsen to this song.. Sang by Avril Lavigne.. FYI.. this is OST for Alice in Wonderland...I baru je tengok this movie dengan member2 hari tu kat TS..Rase-rasenye dari 10 bintang.. I boleh bagi 7 je.. Graphic for this movie memang terbaik laa.. Olahan Tim Burton.. Idea director ni sangat bagus.. He change everything.. daripada Taman ragu-ragu yang comel+colourful kepada Taman ragu-ragu yg ada elemen-elemen Gothic.. so hasil nya.. Alice In Wonderland version Gothic.. haha.. yang penting Johnny Depp memang terbaik.. Mad Hatter.. =D

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