Thursday, September 30, 2010

MGT class.. "off" again

the time now..
8.25 AM
but i'm still on the bed..
guling2 here guling2 there..
a bit cold this morning..
its raining outside..
kinda heavy rain!!..

so i make a decision...
to skip MGT class again..
my oh my..
ape nak jadi ni..
nak buat macam mane..
its raining.. and i need to walk 
in the rain.. to INTEKMA!! gosh!!..
duhh~~~.. sape nak kan..
nanti sampai class. basah lencun..
pastu feel uncomfortable...

hehe.. at the end of the day..
skip MGT class for the nth times..
why nth time.. sebab aku pon tak ingat..
how many times i skip this class..LOL~~..

and once again... sorry Pn Ainulmaawa...
[ecece.. ayat cover baek punye!!]

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