Wednesday, September 29, 2010

annoying situation

this is my ''luahan perasaan"
its about somebody on earth yang memang tak tahu
taking care of their manners...

seriously!!.. this is so annoying!!
I'm  really pissed off today..
its happen this morning while I'm on my way to MAT570 class..
[da la ponteng klas MGT] ..
hehehe... sorry Pn Ainulmaawa..
as usual.. go to class by bus..
the very "comfortable" rapid-bus...
I'm a bit rushing.. mane tak nye..
wake up "early" in the morning..
"early-early" in the morning..
haha.. I'm LATE!!..

after paid RM1 to the "pakcik Driver"
terus melulu pergi belakang.. 
find the nice seat ever!!..
hhmmm... ade ke seat yang very the nice in rapid-bus..
hmm.. waiting and waiting till the bus full..
after that.. hoh!!.. ok pakcik.. here we go!!!
tak sabar da nak gi class ni...

weh!! ko TAU TAK!!..
BLA... BLA...BLA!!!!..."

haa... wanna know  what happen??
there is a group of annoying girls..
yang tak tahu macam mane nak shut up their mouth!!..

Ya ALLAH!!.. bising satu bus tau tak..
kalau nak chat something with your friends pun..
ingat2 la another people exist in that bus kan???
ni macam cakap ngan orang pekak...
your friends is not deaf kan!!!
plus they stand besides you!!
tak payah la nak shout it out loud..
sampai the whole bus boleh dengar..

kamu2 tu semua perempuan..
sila la jaga adab sikit..
plus... public transport ok!!
not your private bus..
spoil my mood laa...

teens nowadays kan???

ok!!.. this was how the situation happened in that bus...
me.. sit at the back of the bus... 
and the annoying girls tu semua standing in the 
middle of the bus..hhmm.. middle ke?.. bole laa...

then... all of them bole la plak dok memekak di pagi hari
"hoi!! memekak la!!" [monolog dalaman]..

so... for those girls yang maybe ade terbaca this entry..
please la... take my advice..

"just shut up your f*cking mouth!!"
especially in bus!!


p/s: bukan mendiskriminasi kaum wanita and not all of them yang berperangai macam ni..tapi... tolong la paham...

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